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About Us

Our History

King Spud Potato Transport Ltd started in the early months of 2017 after a failed wheat crop filled with fusarium caused Ben to buy his first potato trailer to help bring in some off farm income to pay off debt. Conrad Verway sold Ben what we all know as the “Arnold Brothers trailers” for $10,500 dollars and it was put right to work behind an already owned 1999 Volvo highway tractor. The demand for another company to haul potatoes to both McCain Carberry and Portage was huge with only one major hauler in the area! 

Over the course of 2017 the work continued and Ben hired two employees to drive that fall, one being long standing friend and employee, John Harburn. Money was made and reinvested into more equipment and it wasn’t long and King Spud was bidding on its first contract to solidify its foundation in the potato hauling world.

McCain Foods Canada awarded a contract for the entire Shilo Farms inclusive hauling to King Spud starting in 2020 and two years down the road in the spring of 2022 King Spud once again won a contract bid for all inclusive hauling to McCains in Manitoba. This being the main goal and final achievement for all those who put in the time and effort to make King Spud what it is today.

Company Objectives

King Spud Potato Transport Ltd is dedicated to the specialized transportation needs of potato producers; hauling from shed to plant, field to shed, shed to shed – 365 days a year. King Spud strives to build lasting, beneficial, and rewarding relationships with our employees, growers, and suppliers.

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Blaine H. Vallejo

CEO & Founder

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General Manager

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Assistant Manager

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